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3° GBR F2 WorldCup - 57° COPPA d'ORO

Attention !!!
                   At the moment (18 march 2020),
the scheduled events,
but -hoping in a fast and positive solution of the global health situation-
we wait to decide about (also according with future FAI-CIAM decision):
for all news, please visit this website & page.
(or send your e-mail address to info@aeromodellugo.org to be inserted in our mailing list)
Best wishes to all of you!   STOP COVID-19  #stayhome
Registrations to GBR & ITA September F2 World Cups
To register please send a mail to info@aeromodellugo.org
Please remember the maximum number of competitors allowed in the two W.Cups,
20 F2A  (included F2G - not World Cup)                               
30 F2B                                                              
25 F2C                                   
40 F2D        
The registrations arrived over the limit will be inserted in list as WAITING RESERVEs
and will enter only if someone in list renounce or is not present on field.
We'll verify some time before the event date the effective will of partecipation.

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